Welcome to Durant's Secret Singer!
Presented by: Cardinal FG & Cherokee Communications

Durant Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to join us for Durant's newest phenomenon:
Durant's Secret Singer - a virtual singing competition!
Proceeds benefit the Durant Area Chamber of Commerce, a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.


HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: With 15 contestants battling it out to be Durant's Secret Singer, each week we will present four to five new performance videos right here on this website where you can vote for your favorite(s)! Voting will take place each Monday at noon through Friday at noon. $1 = 1 vote!  Then, one singer each week will be unmasked each Sunday at 6:00 p.m. on Durant Area Chamber of Commerce's Facebook page. Be sure to get online and vote for your favorite each week because once a singer has been unmasked, they will still have the chance to fundraise to re-enter the competition as "The Saved Singer" at the finale. So, keep coming back - a grand prize of $1,000 is on the line for one of our 15 contestants. Welcome to Durant's Secret Singer!

Voting for Round 2 - Week 3 is now open! 

Vote for your favorite below!

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